June 24, 2018

WELCOME VISITORS!  We are so glad you visited today.  You are important to us!  We hope you will be encouraged by the service today.  If you are visiting for the first time, please fill out the visitor tab from the Welcome Brochure and take it to the Connections Table for a free gift. 

TEENS:  If you're a teenager between the grades of 7-12, be sure to be at Summit Teens, this Tuesday, at 7 PM!   

CHURCH PRAYER:  One of the basic functions of church life is to join together in prayer.  We will be praying together this Tuesday, June 26, at 7 PM.  We encourage you to bring your children, so they can be a part and learn how to pray together.  Everyone is welcome!

THANK YOU! We want to thank everyone who donated Christian books, bibles, and magazines for prison ministry outreach in St. Charles, St. Louis and Franklin counties.  We trust God will use this material to minister to many people.

VOLUNTEER OF THE WEEK:  We are excited about our Facebook Volunteer of the Week!  We want lots of people to thank and encourage our Volunteer of the Week, who is wonderful and awesome!  Stop by Summit Church Fenton on facebook and let the Volunteer of the Week know how much you appreciate them!!!  

GIVING:  For your convenience, Summit Church offers online giving and text to give.  You may text the amount you'd like to give to 314-888-9741 or go to summitchurch.us and click "Giving" on the menu bar.

LADIES:  Join us this Tuesday at 6 PM to help plan future Higher Standard events.  Our next A Higher Standard meeting is Wednesday, July 18.  We will be teaching on "All of Me."  Also, we are planning to go to the Fresh Grounded Faith Women's Event on Oct. 19 & 20 at The Rock Church in Ballwin.  Check out www.freshgroundedfaith.com/st-louis-mo to learn more.

SHARING JESUS:  We are sharing the gospel through the passing out of tracts.  Pray over your tracts!  Pray that God will direct you to the right people to give them to. Continue to pray for boldness and the direction of the Holy Spirit as you share Christ.  "Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold." 2 Cor 3:12-13  NIV

GET READY TO WORSHIP!  Did you know that Martin Luther required his whole church to attend choir practice?  He did this so that on Sunday mornings, the whole congregation could sing out to the Lord.  We encourage you to be familiar with the worship songs at Summit.  You can find a link to all of the songs we sing and new ones we will be learning at www.summitchurch.us/Worship.  We also put a list of the songs we will be singing on facebook every week.

FEED MY PEOPLE VOLUNTEERS:  Feed My People is looking for volunteers to serve on Mondays-Saturdays.  If you would like to find out more, call 636-677-9885.

EASIEST MINISTRY IN THE CHURCH!  Did you know that 70% of Americans are on facebook?  Did you know that approximately 30% of newly married couple met on social media?  The harvest field is waiting for you!  On Summit Church's facebook page, we share the gospel, encouraging thoughts, songs we will be singing and church news.  In less than 5 minutes a day, or even 5 minutes a week, you can go to Summit Church Fenton on facebook and like and share the posts.  If you've been looking for a way to share the gospel, this would make a great and very easy start!  Be part of our Social Media Team!

June 26  7-8:30 PM Summit Teens 
June 26  7-8 PM Church Prayer
July  16  9 AM  A Higher Standard at Work, helping JMM prepare prison care packages
July  18  6:30-8 PM A Higher Standard Women's Ministry meeting


I walked into the house and saw my dad sitting on the couch and looking upset. He had a tract in his hand – one of the many tracts I had bought and had been spreading throughout town in restaurants, the mall, etc. When I asked him what was wrong, he held out the tract and said, "This. The man pictured here is me!" 

I remember the tract well. It was a booklet with a drawing of a man who had died and gone to hell. He's crying out and asking why he's there because, after all, he had never missed a Sunday in church in his entire life. Suddenly his church attendance is shown to him in a series of flashbacks. We see him sitting in church looking holy and observing the preacher, while the thought bubbles above his head reveal the true condition of his heart. 

One picture had him glancing sideways at the lady across the aisle and thinking that she looked mighty fine. Turn the page and with eyes on the pastor he's daydreaming about the baseball game he'll watch on TV that day. The next thought bubble has him figuring out a problem at work. Then he's imagining the chicken dinner that's already baking on low heat in the oven at home. The next image pictured the man looking piously at the pastor and wishing the boring sermon would come to an end. 

My dad said, "I do all of these things; I'm just like him! But I don't want to go to hell!" I told him to turn to the very last page where the plan of salvation is spelled out and to pray the prayer that was included. I assured him that if he did that and truly meant it, he would be saved and would not go to hell. I saw understanding and then peace come upon him as it finally dawned on him that he needed more than religion – he needed Jesus. 

Before the tract, my dad wouldn't listen to me when I shared about the Lord. After all, he had been a good religious man throughout his life and I was just a silly teenager. But then, God prompted me to order a supply of tracts through the mail, and I "just happened" to leave one on the living room coffee table. My dad wouldn't listen to my words, but he did listen to the words in that tract. God had prepared his heart – and he went home to be with the Lord just four short years later. -Dorothy Trieb